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Types of Projects Currently on Vate

Below are just some of the Project Types currently on Vate. More types are being added as we continue to develop our technology that lets contractors give the most accurate estimates.
Handyman Services
Decks and Patios

" Used Vate for multiple projects and was able to get the best person or company for my jobs. I saved $6k-$7k on an air conditioner install and was able to find the best person for doing my landscaping and weekly lawn service. Even have an open job at the moment for resurfacing my driveway. Hands down I will post any job I have on Vate to get a fair price and make the process 1000% faster then past experiences. "

- Brian, Vate User


How much does it cost to post my project on Vate?

Nothing. You pay nothing.

It's completely free to post your projects, upload your videos and images, and receive estimates from contractors.

Who can see my project pictures, videos, and other info?

Only contractors can see your projects and they can only see your project information.

Other homeowners can never see your projects.

What info do contractors see about me and what info do you share with them?

We only share what info you let them see.

Whatever information you post in your project is what contractors can see. They see what you see. We don't share your phone number, street address, or email address with anyone. We don't even ask you for your home address when you signup. You can use Vate to provide a contact number or email address to a contractor after you've gotten an estimate, but only if you want to. For your privacy, we also recommend you don't share your street address or contact info in any images, videos, or written descriptions you post on Vate.

What if I want more estimates on my project?

Easy. You can invite more contractors to estimate on your project.

There are two ways to get estimates from contractors on Vate: Sit back and wait for contractors to find your project and give you estimates;


find contractors you like in our directory and invite them to estimate your project.

What do I do once I've received a few estimates?

You can reach out to any contractor you like using their contact information, which can be found on their company profile. You can also request a contractor to contact you.

Can contractors see estimates from other contractors?


As the project owner, you're the only one who can see all the estimates posted on your project. Contractors can only see their own estimates. The goal of Vate is to get you accurate estimates for your home renovation without any hassle on your end. However, we're not trying to turn your projects into a low price auction.