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VateApp is the best way for customers to give you the detailed project specs you need for an initial estimate - without a site visit.

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Time is Money.
VateApp saves you both.

1.     Share your personal link with your customers via text/email/phone/web.       
2.     This unique link takes your customers to a job-specific form that collects all the needed specs, measurements and details - including pictures and videos.
3.     You'll be notified as soon as new job specs are submitted. Review the details in a single organized dashboard. Follow up with your customers however you like.


No more phone tag.
No more sifting through a mix of texts, emails, and voicemails that don't give you the information you need.
No more incomplete and inaccurate job specs.

VateApp is communication simplified, organized and complete.


No more wasted hours traveling.
VateApp allows customers to easily upload job site photos and video walkthroughs, provide measurements, and outline job descriptions and requirements.

VateApp's comprehensive forms ensure the customer provides the details you need - without the wasted time.


Use VateApp every time or just on select jobs.
Deliver estimates like you currently do, or send estimates right in VateApp.

VateApp is there for you to use how you want - when you want.

Customer Expectations

Homeowners appreciate receiving estimates quickly, and VateApp helps you meet their expectations.

VateApp empowers you to review projects faster and respond to your customers much quicker.

Who We Are

John, Mike and Chris built VateApp to solve the most common headaches for both homeowners and contractors.

John Viercinski

John Viercinski

John Viercinski

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The projects below are currently available with more coming soon.

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