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Vate Allows you to Provide Job Estimates without Home Visits

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Vate is Changing How Contractors Find Jobs and Give  Estimates

Vate is a powerful new online tool that lets homeowners post the details of their project to be seen by contractors in the Vate network. Projects posted on Vate have gone through our industry leading process so that you have all the project specifications you need to provide accurate estimates. You will see photos, videos, and project specifications including measurements, preferred materials, time frame and all the other details you need to provide an accurate estimate.

Contractors like you can view these project details and provide a rough estimate for the work without having to step foot on the property first. Project owners then view your estimate and contact you if they're interested in hiring you.

Vate even let's you and the homeowner message each other through the app, so you can always make sure you are giving accurate estimates.

"Our industry leading technology gives you all the information, photos, and videos you need to give accurate estimates and get more jobs in a fraction of the time"

- Mike DeGrande, Vate Founder

Why Use Vate?
We don't provide leads. We deliver Jobs.

Whether you're a seasoned pro with a team full of employees and subcontractors at the ready or you're a weekend gig worker with no marketing budget and just word-of-mouth referrals, Vate works to deliver you projects that are ready for your estimates.

Save Time and Money

Imagine screening projects BEFORE getting to the property. No more driving to dead end leads. Only view and estimate on jobs that interest you and posted by homeowners that know what they want.

Pick Your Projects

You can view available jobs and sort them by location, type of job, timeline for job completion and many other factors. Are you booked solid for the next two months? Great, only view projects that start two months out. Vate is a customizable experience built for contractors.

More than Just Estimates

Vate also lets you build a custom profile that can act like a sales website for your business, driving traffic to you and advertising your business. Post your company profile, display photos of your past work, and Vate works seamlessly with google reviews to display the reputation you have built.

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What a Project on Vate Looks Like

Hardwood Floor Installation

Flooring Project in Mullica Hill, NJ

Posted Today


Dining Room
First Floor
Need existing floor removed and disposed:
15' x 12'
What flooring product is being removed:
What's under the floor the new floor:
Plywood Subfloor
What new flooring product is being installed:
Hardwood Type:
Who will provide the flooring product:
Product Description:
Bruce Hardwood, Gunstock, 2 and 1/4 inch. Wood is shown in the photographs, to match kitchen hardwood.
Will finish trim like quarter round be required:


New hardwood floor needs to be installed in the dining room pictured in this project.  It will also need to transition to a carpet in the adjacent room.

Question: Do you want the new hardwood integrated into the existing hardwood?

Answer:   No.  It doesn't need to be integrated.






Nursery Paint Project

Paint Project in Mantua, NJ

ASAP from December 1, 2020

How to Use Vate

1. Create Your Free Account

Joining Vate is free and simple for both homeowners AND contractors. With a FREE account, you can view available jobs and create your unique profile to advertise your business.

2. View Projects in Your Area

Select the project types you are interest in (e.g. plumbing, electrical, landscaping, painting) and view them in a sortable list. These are not leads, but projects posted by homeowners in your area that are looking to hire a contractor to get the work done. You will be provided all the details you need: measurements, location, materials, timeframes, colors and a host of other details needed for each specific project. You can view photos and videos about the project, as well as inspirational photos. Need more info? You probably won't, but if you do, you can ask the homeowner questions about their project right through Vate.

3. Place Your Estimates

Your estimate is sent in real-time directly to the homeowners who posted them. They can view your company profile and an image gallery of your previous work. If the homeowner likes your estimate and wants to move forward with their project, they'll contact you.

Types of Projects Currently on Vate

Below are just some of the Project Types currently on Vate. More types are being added as we continue to develop our technology that lets contractors give the most accurate estimates.
Handyman Services
Decks and Patios

Straight Forward Pricing

Joining Vate is FREE.

There are many advantages to a FREE account, including a professional profile page that acts like a free advertising site for your company. It can even drive more traffic to your existing company website. Want to provide an estimate on a Job? No problem. First estimate is on us, totally free of charge. After that - NO GAMES. NO TIERS. NO PER ESTIMATE COSTS. One flat monthly rate give you the opportunity to place an UNLIMITED number of estimates and interact with an UNLIMITED amount of homeowners.

Cancel Anytime.

No Surprises.

No Kidding.

Basic Access - Free

  • View All Projects on Vate
  • Public Company Profile Page
  • Display your Company Google Reviews
  • Get Notified When New Projects
    are Posted in Your Area
  • Place One Free Estimate

Professional Account - $40/mo.

  • View All Projects on Vate
  • Public Company Profile Page
  • Display your Company Google Reviews
  • Ask Questions on Projects
  • Get Notified When New Projects
    are Posted in Your Area
  • Unlimited Estimates
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How is Vate different?

We aren't a lead generation service. We are what lead generation promises, but rarely delivers- Estimate ready jobs ready waiting for you. Vate's goal is to connect homeowners with multiple estimates from local contractors. Other companies like Angie's List, Thumbtack, and Houzz are trying to connect homeowners with a single contractor that they've partnered with. We believe that homeowners are best served by seeing a variety of estimates from multiple contractors.

Vate's approach will result in more homeowners seeing your estimate.

How much does Vate cost?

Vate is 100% free for contractors and homeowners. There is no initiation fee. Every contractor that signs up gets a company profile for free. It's 100% free for contractors to review and screen jobs and place estimates.

Is Vate a lowest bidder or auction site?

No, not at all. Only the project owner can see all of the estimates. Contractors can't see estimates from other contractors. Homeowners can then hire any contractor they want. Our research suggests that homeowners balance reviews, fit, and quality of estimate over "cheapest estimate".

How can I provide an estimate without visiting the property?

When posting a project on Vate, homeowners are walked through a series of tailored questions to elicit the information contractors need to provide an accurate estimate. They are also encouraged to post pictures, video walk-throughs, and any documents needed to develop an estimate.

For larger projects, homeowners will likely still want to meet you prior to hiring you and in those cases you can better refine your estimate as required. In these situations, Vate provides homeowners with that first rough estimate, which allows them to narrow down who they'd like to meet with.

Am I locked-in to my estimate or can I change it?

You can always change your estimate. You can change it after it's been submitted or after arriving at a property and realizing the scope is larger or smaller than you originally anticipated. Vate is not part of the final contract between the contractor and owner.

How do I contact the project owner?

If a project owner likes your estimate and wants to talk to you they can request you contact them or they'll reach out to you on their own. You can also ask the project owner questions about their project.

Where in the country is Vate active?

Vate is currently operating in New Jersey and the greater Philadelphia area.

What are the requirements for contractors to signup?

Nothing! Contractors simply need to sign-up to create their free company profile.

How do I sign-up for Vate as a contractor?

Click the link to sign-up.  Once your free account is created you can add your company profile.