Are you a lead service like Angi or Home Advisor?

Definitely not. Those other services sell the same unqualified "leads" to multiple contractors. We give you your own simple tool to make collecting job specs easy and efficient.

Do my customers have to pay when they use VateApp?

No, never. Your customers are never charged anything.

Do my customers have to download or use an app?

No. Your customers simply receive a link that will take then to your custom form that we've built for you. As long as they have internet access on their phone or computer, they can use your VateApp link.

How can I provide an estimate without visiting the property first?

When your customers use VateApp to provide you job specs, they are walked through a series of tailored questions to elicit the information you need to provide an accurate estimate. They are also encouraged to post pictures, video walk-throughs, and any documents needed to develop an estimate.

For larger projects, homeowners will likely still want to meet you prior to hiring you and in those cases you can better refine your estimate as required. In these situations, VateApp helps you provide your customers with that first rough estimate.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription whenever you'd like.

Is there a limit on the number of jobs I can use on VateApp?

No. There's no monthly or other limit to the number of jobs that you can have on VateApp.