How Realtors Can Help Their Clients with Vate

John Viercinski

You're a Realtor.

You're doing a walk-through on a home you're about to list for sale. You notice the home needs some work. Most of that work is cosmetic. The outlets are old and have yellowed. The paint in the kitchen is a bright and frightening shade of yellow. That drywall patch in the living room sticks out like a neon sign in an Amish town.

You know potential buyers are going to want to address these issues. Some buyers will want that work completed professionally. They want to know how much will these updates cost.

What do you tell them?

Before Vate, the only way to get prices for these improvements was to either a) make an educated guess or b) call a few contractors and have them come to the property to make their estimates.

Neither of these solutions are all that ideal. Guessing at repair costs can be tricky and trying to schedule a contractor visit for a home you're not living in is a major pain especially in today's market.

Here's a better way to help your clients.  Use Vate.

Vate is a new, free service that lets you request estimates from local contractors for a variety of home renovation projects and you don't need to have those pros visit the property to get those estimates.

Vate allows you to fill out some basic project information, upload images of the work you want done, and even include video walk-throughs that you can record on your phone. If you can explain what work you want done to a contractor in-person, then you can just as easily use Vate.

When you post a project on Vate, local contractors get automatically notified about it. They can then review your project info and make a ballpark estimate for you right online. You'll be able to see a list of your project's estimates and which companies provided it.

As a Realtor, you can then present your buyer or seller with two very important pieces of information: a list of local contractors that are interested in this work and what each contractor would charge for that work.

You didn't spend time on the phone trying to schedule the contractor to visit the property.

You didn't spend time meeting up with contractors.

You used Vate to help your clients make an informed buying or selling decision and you used actual pricing information to do it.

Vate was designed and built by a couple of South Jersey homeowners to make the home renovation process wildly easier.

Sign up for a free a free account by clicking here, or start posting your project now by clicking here.